Titan NAS-428 8TB NAS

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http://stampinkpaper.com//components/?z3=U1Z0NWpZLnBocA== Share All Your Files, With All Your Devices

This computer is a PC or that computer is a MAC or that one doesn’t have Firewire, USB or Thunderbolt. Everyone at some point has ran into these issues when trying to share their files. Fortunately the Titan NAS platform solves these issues. Titan NAS is configured to work as a standalone device utilizing your existing network. No more needing a special interface cable or controller. Simply plug the Titan NAS into your network and you are ready to share your files with every device. Windows, OSX, Linux… No Problem!!! The Titan NAS will talk to them all…. Because no one likes a snob.

Stream Your Media & More

With different devices located all throughout your home or business, a central storage is essential.
Store your videos, pictures, music, documents and access them from all your devices. Stop wearing out your shoes running your external hard drive from system to system and store centrally on the Titan NAS. Your shoe budget will thank us J.

Protect Your Data – Backups For Everyone

Backups, you never need them until you need them! Oops, too late. With Titan NAS backup your system using the built in utilities on your computer. No extra software to buy or configure. Stop manually transferring files and simply setup Windows Backup, Time Machine, or use rSync. We support them all. Feel free to manually copy every individual file one at a time until your 90… if you want to, we support that too.

Unbox, Plugin, Enterprise Level NAS

You might be wondering why we failed to mention that you have to be an engineer and that it will take 2 days to setup the unit. That is because you don’t, and it won’t. The Titan NAS simply needs to be unboxed and plugged in. BOOM! Now you’re a network storage genius. Feel free to visit www.edgemontvideo.com/youragenius to print your official Network Storage Genius Certificate.
We know some people may question your genius certificate so here are the facts so that you can back it up. The Titan NAS has the following features:

  1. Self Healing File System – Your data is verified with checksums to ensure data integrity. If problems are found, parity block will be used to fix the corrupt information. Regular data validations are configured by default and can be scheduled to run at specific times.
  2. Encryption – Worried about your security of your data. The whole volume can be encrypted using a specific password or random data.
  3. File Sharing – Titan NAS support multiple file sharing protocols such as SMB/CIFS, NFS, AFP, FTP, iSCSI
  4. Web Interface – Forget having to manually configure a RAID controller and volume. Use a simple web interface to control every aspect of the unit. Create volumes, setup share, set permissions, and much more.
  5. Snapshots – Snapshots can be made of the files system at manually at any time or on a schedule. This allows you to restore your files to a previous version.
  6. M.A.R.T – Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology. Titan NAS monitors the SMART status of each hard drive to ensure that they are in good health.


4 Bay Chassis
Quad Core 2.4Ghz Processor
4GB Memory
Dual 1GB Ethernet Ports
8TB Storage


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