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About Us

http://wildwooddesigns.com.au/tag/coolest-furntiure-stores-sydney/ Edgemont Video, Inc., is focused on providing cutting edge solutions for the post production and creative industries. We specialize in providing multi camera systems, video streaming equipment, engineering services, presentations systems, tech support and training. We are connected to almost every manufacturer in the industry — Adobe, Apple, AJA, Matrox, Eyeon, Digital Rapids — and yes, the list goes on.

robaxin side effects Our goal is to be more than a “box house that sells stuff cheap”. We know, use, support and train on any product we offer. Reflecting our commitment to better serve the needs of our customers, Edgemont Video is launching a move to a higher level of service. Our desire is to help our customers find the tools that will maximize productivity while staying within their budget; to help you find solutions to meet your objectives in this expanding digital media market.

Along with our product line comes a helping hand — and a solid relationship with a company dedicated to helping today’s media professionals reach their goals. We would invite you to contact us to discuss creative solutions to your equipment needs.

Our Story

Edgemont Video, Inc. was founded in 1993 by the Doss family as the result of a passion for video production. It all began with the creation of a nature video entitled “My Father’s World” — shot entirely on a Canon L1 and a Panasonic AG-450. Following the release of their first video, the Doss family sought to improve their production quality. In the process of looking for quality used equipment, Edgemont Video came across an east-coast based company that was selling an entire warehouse of production equipment and they quickly liquidated the entire warehouse of stock.

The company soon became a major supplier of used video production equipment. As time went on, they stayed in step with the industry and began to use and sell the new and rapidly evolving digital media. Over the years, this growing company has had the privilege of supplying a wide range of media professionals, fully dedicated to the technology and innovation that makes today’s media industry possible.